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Parallel Robots

Stewart Gough Platform
  • Research Backgrounds
    • The platform is needed for the motion of 6 DOF in 3 dimensional space.
    • The motion base is needed for the synchronized motion of 6 DOF in virtual reality.
  • Research Output
              <Photo of Stewart platform developed at Korea Univ>

  • Research Objectives
    • Development of the Stewart platform as a motion base of the motion simulator which can accommodate one person.
    • Larger angles of pitch and roll than existing platforms.
    • High response time for use in gameplay.
  • Structure of the Developed Stewart Platform
    • Linear motion of the platform's legs combining 400W servomotors with ballscrews.
    • Adopting a DSP controller
    • Resizable platform: The distance between the center of platform and the joints of platform's legs can be resizeable in real time.
    • The workspace of the platform expands with the increasing of the roll and pitch angles as the distance decreases.

    • Motion of Stewart platform with resizable platform SPRP

  •  Specification of the Developed Stewart Platform
    • Payload: 200kg (400kg max)
    • Bandwidth: 10Hz
    • Width x Depth x Height(initial): 0.73m x 0.84m x 0.60m
    • Roll /angular velocity/acceleration: ±25deg, ±53deg/s, ±350deg/s^2
    • Pitch/angular velocity/acceleration: ±25deg, ±45deg/s, ±400deg/s^2
    • Yaw /angular velocity/acceleration: ±30deg, ±60 deg/s, ±300deg/s^2
    • Surge displacement/velocity/acceleration: ±0.20m, ±47m/s, ±0.85g
    • Sway displacement/velocity/acceleration: ±0.20m, ±41m/s, ±0.75g
    • Heave displacement/velocity/acceleration: ±0.15m, ±31m/s, ±0.94g                                                                    
  • Demo of the Stewart platform developed at Korea Univ
  • Related Papers/Patents
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Motion Simulator
  • Researchers
    • Jong-Kuk Kim(Master), Ui-Jung Jung(Master), Hyung-Geon Park(Master)
  • Research period
    • 2001.03 ~ 2004.2
  • Research outcomes
                       <Photo of motion simulator KU-MS developed at Korea Univ.>
  • Papers
    • 관련논문 1: Jae-Bok Song, Ui-Jung Jung, Hee-Dong Ko, Washout Algorithm with Fuzzy-Based Tuning for a Motion Simulator, KSME International, Vol. 17, No. 2, pp. 217-225, 2003.02
    • 관련논문 2: 박형근, 김종국, 정의정, 송재복, 고희동, 디바이스 서버를 이용한 모션 베이스 특성에 따른 시각적 동기화, 한국감성과학회 추계학술대회 논문집, pp. 47-52, 2002.11.
  • Research background
    • Need of the motion simulator which provides synchronized vision and motion information in virtual surroundings
    • Need of the motion simulator which provides an interactive gaming conditon
    • Need of the motion simulator which provides virtual surroundings for driving
  • Research Objective
    • Development of the motion simulator to provide virtual reality condition for single person
    • Overcome the limit of the motion base of simulator by using washout filter
    • Development of  the technology for providing synchronized vision and motion information in virtual surroundings
    • Development of the virtual model for driving simulation
  • Driving simulation

  • Roller Coaster