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Braille Display

Braille Display
  • Research Background
    • There is a need to replace the dots on paper with an automatic device for the blind.
                       Background to develop the device for the blind
  • Research  Objectives
    • Development of small, light and potable braille display for visually impaired people.
    • The size of braille module is 8mm(W)x11mm(L)x10mm(H), the distance of each points is 3mm and the weight is 2g.
    • The recognition rate is expected to be more than 80%.
  • Research Output
    • Small and light braille modules are developed using piezoelectric linear motors.
    • The braille display provides high quality braille information.
    • Hyun-Cheol Cho, Byeong-Sang Kim, Jung-Jun Park, Jae-Bok Song, Development of a Braille Display using Piezoelectric Linear Motors, Proc. of SICE-ICASE Int. Joint Conf. 2006, pp. 1917-1921, 2006.
    • 조현철, 허석행, 송재복, 시각장애우를 위한 소형 점자셀의 개발 (Development of a Small-sized Braille Cell for the Blind), 한국로봇공학회 논문지, Vol. 2, No. 2, pp. 137-142, 2007.06.
            Braille module using piezoelectric linear motors

            Block diagram for controller of braille display

            Experimental result