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Haptic Hand Controller

Haptic Hand Controller
  • Research Background
    • Haptic device which can capture user’s 6DOF motion to virtual environment and feedback force/torque information to user’s hand is needed.
  • Researchers
    • Dong-Seok Ryu(Ph.D)

  • Research Period
    • 1999. 09. ~ 2002. 02.

  • Research Output

              <Photo of Haptic Hand Controller (HHC)>

    • Patent: 6 DOF haptic joystick system using gimbal mechanism, patent number: 0482000, Date of registration: 05.03.31.
    • Paper 1: Design of a 6-DOF Parallel Haptic Hand Controller Consisting of 5-Bar Linkages and Gimbal Mechanisms, Transactions of the KSME (A), Vol. 27, No. 1, pp. 18-25, 2003. 1.

  • Research Objectives
    • Handle type haptic device which can be held in ones hand.
    • The haptic device should have back-drivability so that user can feel free when holding haptic device and move in free space.
    • It should provide realistic force information according the event happened in virtual environment.
  • Composition of Haptic Han Controller (HHC)
    • Make 6DOF haptic device by connect two individual 3DOF haptic devices with lead screw.
    • A 3DOF haptic device is composed of a 5-bar link, 2 motor for 2DOF motion in a plan and 1 motor for 1DOF motion in the direction which perpendicular to the plan.  
    • A 3DOF haptic device can provide 3DOF distance input and 3DOF force output.

         <Structure of 3-DOF haptic device using 5-bar linkage and gimbal mechanism>

  • Principle of Haptic Hand Controller (HHC)
    • When 2, 3-DOF haptic devices are combined together, 6-DOF distance input and 6-DOF force output are possible
    • If give force to haptic device in x, y, z direction, haptic device can feedback force in each direction  
    • If give torque to haptic device that makes input to two 3-DOF haptic devices are opposition in direction, haptic device can provide 3-DOF torque feedback to users.
        <Representation of 6-DOF motion by handle supported by 2 points>

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