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Haptic Arm Master

Haptic Arm Master
  • Research Background
    • The wearable haptic device captures motion of user's arm to the virtual environment and virtual environment feedback force to user.
  • Researchers
    • Doo-Gie Min(Master., e-mail), Sam-Gon Cha(Master., e-mail)

  • Research Period
    • 2000. 03. ~ 2002. 12.

  • Research Output

                           <Haptic Arm Master: HAM>

  • Research Objectives
    • Develop wearable Exoskeleton haptic device. 
    • Develop light weighted exoskeleton haptic device.
    • Transmit realistic force feedback to user according the event happened in virtual environment.
  • Features of HAM
    • Exoskeleton type.
    • 5DOF : Shoulder 3DOF, Elbow 1 DOF, Wrist 1 DOF.  
    • Place Motro/retarder to the base and use wire to transmit force for make light weighted haptic device.
    • Use encoder for measure motion of arm and hand.

                       <Schematics of HAM>

  • Synchronize avatar with HAM and transmit the motion of HAM to avatar


  • Manipulating the steering wheel and gear shift using HAM in CAVE

  • Handling a refrigerator door and coffee pot using HAM

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