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3D Shape Display

3D Shape Display
  • Research Backgrounds
    • 3D display allows us to feel the actual volume of the object.
  • Researchers
    • Yong-Ju Chu (Master., e-mail)

  • Research Period
    • 2005. 03. ~ 2006. 07.

  • Research Objectives
    • Development new concept display using wire frame drive unit and wire frame.
    • Since this study didn't used pin-arrangment, we intend to use a wire frame instead.
    • The goal of 3D display is to make a device with 5mm resolution.

  • Structure of 3D Display
    • This display is composed of SMA, wire frame drive unit, frame, locking device etc.
    • A chain of wire frame drive unit enables presentation of 2 dimensional objects. 
    • 3D display is similar to model presentations that are possible by collecting the chain of drive unit.

                                       <The concept design of wire frame drive unit>

                                                              <Dynamic motion of an angle control>
  • Feature of 3D Display
    • The shape display transmits information to us by using 3D shape.
    • A hologram and visual reality transmit only visual information, but 3D shape display will transmit mostly using haptics.
  • Application of 3D display
    • 3D display will be used with 3D street advertisement boards as well as 2D advertisement boards.
    • Consumer's interest will be increased by using an e-commerce device.
    • Educational device.

  • Research Output
    • Development of a SMA-based about 30x10 mm wire frame drive unit.
    • The wire frame is composed of small units driven for 2D visual display.

  • Related Papers
    • Paper 1: Y.J. Chu, Y. M. Kim, J. B. Song, S.S.Park, Wire frame drive unit of a SMA-based 3D shaped display KSEP, pp. 439-440, 2006. 05. 

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