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SEA-based Robot Hand

SEA-based Robot Hand
  • Research Background
    • For service robots to effectively aid humans, a robot hand which can handle various objects is required.
    • Capabilities of controlling the contact force and providing compliant motion (collision safety) are essential.
    • Force/torque sensors for force control are generally expensive. 
               <Fingertip force control>          <Collision safety>                        <Stable grasp>

  • Research Objectives
    • Development of a low cost robot hand without a force/torque sensor which provides force control and compliant grasp
    • Development of a small-sized Series Elastic Actuator (SEA) module with simple structure.

                            <Series Elastic Actuator> (MIT, 1995)                               <Designed SEA module>

  • Research Output
    • Control of fingertip force using SEA mechanism.
    • Provide collision safety and stable grasp.
                                           <3D model of robot hand>                                            <Specification of designed robot hand>

  • Grasping objects
    • Baseball
    • Paper box
    • Computer mouse