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Counterbalance Robot Arm

  • Research Background
    • Strong demand for high performance but low-cost robot arms
    • A multi-DOF counterbalance mechanism is needed for robot manipulator.
  • Research Objectives
    • Development of a multi-DOF counterbalance mechanism
    • Development of a counterbalance robot arm
  • Multi-DOF counterbalance mechanism
    • Counterbalance mechanism compensates for the gravitational torque generated from the robot mass.
    • Multi-DOF counterbalance mechanism based on parallelogram mechanism
      • All ref. planes are parallel to each other and normal to the ground at any time.
      • Possible counterbalancing of each link regardless of motion of other links



  • Features of counterbalance robot arm
    (Minimization of torque to operate robot arm)
    • High payload with small actuator and gear reducer
    • Cost reduction
    • Energy saving
    • Improved safety: human-robot collaboration
    • Easy teaching and playback
      • Backdrivable + static balancing without motor power
      • No sensors or force control required


  • Research Output
    • COBRA

    • Industrial Counterbalance Robot Arm