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Mono-SLAM Using An Upward-Facing Camera
  • Researchers
    • Seo-Yeon Hwang (Ph.D. candidate,

  • Research Backgrounds
    • Features from the ceiling image result in a small change in the scale of features and affine parameters. 
    • Images from the upward-looking camera are affected little by dynamic obstacles. 
    • Infrequent change in ceiling structures. 
  • Research Objectives
    • Monocular vision-based SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) using upward camera in indoor environments.
    • Stable SLAM in various environments.
    • Implementation to a small-sized embedded system module.

  • Research Output
    • Using various ceiling features to achieve stable SLAM.

    • Estimation of the robot pose and feature position/orientation using filtering techniques (e.g., EKF).


    • Small-sized embedded SLAM module

    • SLAM in home environment 

    • Videos

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* Last updated: 2012. 4. 26