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Moving Object Detection

Moving object detection and avoidance
  • Researchers
    • In-Kwon Kim (M.S. ), Sang-Jun Jung (M.S. )
  • Period of research
    • 2006. 4 ~ 2008. 5.
  • Research Backgrounds
    • Avoidance of moving objects is essential for safe navigation.
    • The information of a range sensor is not sufficient to avoid dynamic obstacles such as a human while a vision sensor gives sufficient information.
    • Human detection is one of the most important abilities in indoor environment.
  • Research Objectives
    • Moving object detection using both stereo cameras and encoders during robot movement.
    • Robust tracking of moving objects using several features together, such as motion vector, color, etc.
  • Research Output

  • Demo Movie

  • Paper 1 김인권송재복모션벡터와 색상정보에 기반한 이동로봇의 동적 물체 검출 (Moving Object Detection based on Motion Vector and Color Information), 제어자동화시스템 심포지엄 논문집, pp. 491-495, 2007.05.
  • Paper 2 정상준송재복, SVM 이용한 스테레오 비전 기반의 사람 탐지 (Stereo Vision based Human Detection using SVM), 정보 및 제어 학술대회, pp. 117-118, 2007.10. 

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