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Collaborative Robot

-Research Background

  Various tasks for service to humans are required for collaborative robot.

  A multi-DOF manipulator is needed for dexterous manipulation.

- Research Objectives

  Development of a multi-DOF collaborative robot

  Compact and lightweight design

- Simulation and design of collaborative robot

  Dynamic simulation: torque and moment load of each joint

  Manipulability analysis: operation angle of each joint

  FEM analysis: lightweight structure


- Research Output

- Features for KUDex series

* Collision Detection & Reaction  

- Highly sensitive collision detection using JTS   

- Collision detection with payload and during tasks

* Easy Teaching

               - Graphical programming (icon-based) 

- Direct teaching (no programming required)

  * JTS-based Force Control

              - Estimation of external force/torque acting on the end-effector (FTS emulation)

              - Impedance control/Admittance control

* Lightweight & Modular Design


- Demonstration

* Collision Detection & Reaction

Sensitive collision detection

Sensitive collision detection - tofu

Sensitive collision detection - egg

Collision detection during hand guiding

Collision detection during transport operations

*Easy teaching

Hand guiding in joint space

Hand guiding in task space

Hand guiding and playback

Zero gravity motion

*Impedance control / Force control

Impedance control in joint space

Impedance control in task space

Force control and collition detection

Sophisticated force control


Force estimation