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Introduction to Intelligent Robotics Laboratory (IRL)
  The Intelligent Robotics Laboratory (IRL) was established in 1993 when Dr. Jae-Bok Song joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering, Korea University. Currently, various research on design and control of robot arms (safe arms, counterbalance arms), variable stiffness actuators, robotic assembly, indoor and outdoor navigation of mobile robots are being conducted. Up to now, more than 580 papers have been published in various journals and conferences. IRL holds 45 patents. 

Projects Under Way (Annual research fund: US$1,200,000)

Features of IRL  
  • 70% of IRL members have a background in mechanical engineering, but the others majored in computer engineering, electronics, and control. The various backgrounds of the students at the laboratory is beneficial to all students. 
  • All graduate courses (6 courses) related to robotics and mechatronics are offered in English. Also, some related undergraduate courses are also lectured in English. Classes outside of the robotics specialty are offered in English as well. 
  • IRL is a leading robotics lab in Korea, and is currently conducting various robotics projects including design and control of robot arms. The annual project budget is about US$1,200,000. 
  • All Ph.D. students in IRL can attend a special English conversation class to improve their ability to speak and write in English. This private class is financially supported by IRL. 
  • Students are granted a tuition scholarship and a monthly stipend for their study. The tuition for foreign students will be fully supported by Korea University and IRL. In addition, the Ph.D. course students will be granted more than $1,800 as a monthly stipend.